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Thunder Vision Resources  Malaysia's Leading Astronomy Shop That Offers Comfortable Online Shopping.

You will be happy with our reasonable price and large selection of astronomy products & we can supply most of it from stock for fast delivery.


   Welcome to ThunderScopes.com
    Your Online Astronomy Products shop

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If you have some question to ask?
Feedback, suggestions or any enquires?

Don't keep it to yourself,
this is the right place to drop us a note.
Email us:
2consult @ thunderscopes.com

We will appreciate it, thank you.

Privacy Policy - We will not share your email and
will not communicate with you unless there is pertinent information concerning items you have purchased or intend to buy.

Netiquette - Email etiquette (sometimes called 'netiquette'). If you are new to email, bear in mind that you should avoid typing your message in capitals, it is the electronic equivalent of SHOUTING!

Please keep your email short and to the point since many people may not appreciate reading 20 screen-full of this and that. Remember that email is a quick way to communicate and you can always shoot off another email the same hour or day to clarify something.

Mind your cyber language :o) Likewise, for the language used, should not offensive. In cyber language, UPPERCASE TEXT--can be perceived as shouting. Don't type in all caps unless of course, you're intending to shout at the person. Also, consider carefully what you write . Remember that it is both an official correspondence as well as a permanent record that can be easily forwarded to others.

Please never accuse people, call them names or suggest that they aren't being smart or point out their spelling errors. Assume their intentions are genuine and avoid sarcasm. Be polite and assertive, if necessary, but not vindictive.

Avoid cyber-speak - Do not assume that everyone is familiar with the cute acronyms used in email correspondence, such as IMHO (in my humble opinion), FWIW (For what it's worth), FYI (For your information) or BTW (By the way). Performing a mental translation each time slows down the reader and makes reading difficult for them. You don't want them to be put off or lose the essence of your message!

Guides for improving email communications - Visit the Netiquette website http://www.albion.com/netiquette for a refresher in online courtesy. The guide features tips that define common email practices and offers suggestions about how to improve email communications.


Copyright Matters
All images displayed and text descriptions are the copyright property of thunderscopes.com or Celestron LLC where applicable.



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