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Thunder Vision Resources  Malaysia's Leading Astronomy Shop That Offers Comfortable Online Shopping.

You will be happy with our reasonable price and large selection of astronomy products & we can supply most of it from stock for fast delivery.


   Welcome to ThunderScopes.com
    Your Online Astronomy Products shop

Questions and Answers Page

Questions and Answers - All the Usual Stuff

1. How will I know whether I can use the equipment purchased without expert training?

The products sold here are designed for the consumer market and, in general, will not require unusual skills or knowledge to operate. There will be an instruction manual (in English) provided, and in some cases, an optical disk with software and manuals included in the package.


2. I have a problem with my telescope, what do I do?

Drop us an email at 2consult @ thunderscopes.com giving the product name (and product code if possible). Describe the problem or issue as briefly as you can. We will do our best to identify whether it is a warranty issue or simply a matter of improper usage. If it is a warranty issue, we will provide clear instructions on how to go about with a warranty claim.

In the case of a problem arising from improper usage, we will try to help the user to follow the correct procedure to solve the problem. However, we are not obliged to provide training or assistance via email or otherwise for any equipment. Please patiently read the manual and instructions provided with the product carefully to optimise your enjoyment of the product.


3. I can get a better price elsewhere

The prices offered in our store are a reflection of the fact that we only sell genuine products which are imported through authorised channels and where full government/customs taxes have been paid for. In these days where online trades are common, it is not surprising that you may be offered lower prices for items which are imported through parallel but unauthorised channels, and under-declared while clearing customs checks.

Also since they are not authorised, you will not enjoy the proper manufacturers' warranty (even if promised 100% by the seller) and will almost certainly face a situation where the seller will have to send any faulty product to `somewhere' overseas, with costly overseas RMA transit charges to the buyer, and a lengthy repair wait.

The products sold through us are through an official distributor, and the original manufacturers do not recognise or provide any so-called `international' warranties. Therefore, if an alternative seller claims they can also offer any product listed in our store, and states it is protected by `International' warranty, it is definitely an unauthorised `grey' import. It is up to you to decide if you want to take the risk of purchasing a product obtained without original warranty, and which may have been refurbished (ie. not brand NEW) in another part of the world.


4.   Where can I get additional accessories for the product I have purchased?

Drop us an email about your interest to:
2consult @ thunderscopes.com We usually will not list any accessories in our store unless we feel that they are absolutely necessary and highly recommended for the products offered.

We do not sell `everything under the sun'.




Copyright Matters
All images displayed and text descriptions are the copyright property of thunderscopes.com or Celestron LLC where applicable.



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