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Thunder Vision Resources  Malaysia's Leading Astronomy Shop That Offers Comfortable Online Shopping.

You will be happy with our reasonable price and large selection of astronomy products & we can supply most of it from stock for fast delivery.


   Welcome to ThunderScopes.com
    Your Online Astronomy Products shop

About Us Page


thunderscopes.com is the property of Thunder Vision Resources, a company registered with SSM since 2011.

Our objective is to provide a local online resource of popular optical equipment and accessories for astronomy and nature/wildlife observation, for enthusiastic amateur astronomers as well as professionals, to enjoy, explore and expand the boundaries of our personal knowledge of the physical universe.

We have been engaged in the activities of astronomical and wildlife observation (such as birding etc,) for decades and realise that many people in Malaysia share the same interest but are unable to obtain suitable equipment easily and at affordable `Malaysianised' prices with proper backup, warranty and service.

We do not trade in `grey' or unauthorised imports. The items that we sell are all supplied directly by Authorised Distributors in Malaysia. We can and will, (on request) provide links and information where you can verify for yourself that we have been appointed as an authorised and genuine vendor for each product brand sold in our webstore.

Note: If you have any questions or need further clarification please email us at: 2consult @ thunderscopes.com

Operating Hours:-                                                              Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.                           Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays - Closed.                              

Copyright Matters
All images displayed and text descriptions are the copyright property of Thunderscopes.com or Celestron LLC where applicable.




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